6 Most useful and surprising websites

You often fire up your laptop, open your Facebook account, you tube channel and it’s like what else? Yeah, it’s World Wide Web you can search anything to everything but the question is what exactly?
Well, I will act as your guardian angel now because I am going to tell you about 6 absolutely amazing sites. Here we go:

1. When you want to learn another language: Well, I love learning languages and its pretty amazing. You have chapters, you learn to speak, read and write simultaneously. What better than that. I am learning Spanish right now. Think you can beat me and learn faster? See you there!     www.duolingo.com       






2.When you want to print something off, but it’s not printer-friendly: I was shocked and pretty amazed. When I saw how it works, my mind said just one thing, were you living under the rock, you stupid girl. Yeah, okay I will tell you don’t get impatient. So when you are searching up something and you want to print that article out, but it comes with all those unnecessary ads and the spacing and all is haywire, just copy the link to www.printfriendly.com and ta da!






 3. When you’re looking for the next book to read: This one is my new found love. Just tell them the last book you read, which you liked and press search. It will show you books similar to that. Yay!      www. What Should I Read Next?.com






4.When you want to watch a good movie: Don’t worry I am not providing you the link to my Facebook profile because it has the complete list of the amazing movies I have watched till now :p .  AGoodMovieToWatch.com That’s where you can go! (You can check my profile too 😉 go for The Fault in the Stars, just saying.







5.When you want to learn how to speed read: I can, I can. Yes I tried it and was able to speed read. Cool man! www.spreeder.com Go and try. What are you waiting for? Oh yeah! The article to finish off? Okay, wait I have one more.






6.When you want to learn from other people’s ideas and broaden your view: I already knew about this one. It motivates you, inspires you and sometimes blows your mind. I watched the one with self healing thing, it worked! It has a mobile app too. I have it. It’s called TED.